9 ways to get hooked on exercise

By barCode


There are days when we lack the discipline to get up from that comfy sofa and hit the pavement. We may have planned a defined weekly schedule to workout but there are just periods and days when we just don’t want to do anything physically challenging. Don’t worry, you are not alone, we all have similar experiences.


You might not have the discipline yet or need to workout on a regular basis like those who do so professionally such as athletes. So you may ask, besides discipline, what else can help me to be consistent in achieving my weekly and daily workout goals? 

The answer is within you; your mindset and perspective makes all the difference! You need to become driven and excited about your next workout. Be enthusiastic and ‘addicted’ to your exercises and hunger to achieve your fitness goals. Here is a list of ways you can become more motivated in working out.


#1 Wake up early

People who wake up earlier in the morning tend to feel refreshed and ready to exercise than someone who wakes up much later; helping them to in turn stick to their scheduled workouts. Try waking up 30 mins earlier every day for a start.


#2 Find the right workout you like doing

Identify a particular type of physical activity or fitness workout that you prefer to do. Schedule more of such activities or workouts in your weekly timetable so that the experience feels better and you will always look forward to the next one.


#3 Convenience

Make your workout convenient to execute in terms of location, environment and time. If you had to go out of the way to complete your scheduled workout then that hassle itself is enough to discourage you, especially on days when you already don’t feel like doing it.


#4 Feel the financial pinch

Make yourself commit to your workouts, not just in terms of time and effort but in terms of money. Invest in things that aid your fitness goals such as a personal trainer, a sports watch or a good pair of running shoes. This puts pressure on you to make your investment worthwhile.


#5 Combine a vacation and your workouts

When you plan your vacations, be sure to include physically demanding activities to challenge your fitness such as a bike tour or a scenic hike up mountains. You get to workout and enjoy the experience at the same time.


#6 Join competitions and races

Put yourself to the test and work towards a goal where you get to compete with others. This puts pressure on you to polish up your fitness act and train more diligently.


#7 Love the journey

Be sure to embrace instead of dread the journey of working towards your fitness goals. As much as you love getting to your destination, love the process of getting there even more. That way you will be less likely to give up or find the journey boring and painful. In your mind equate pain and sacrifices to growth and progress.


#8 Have a greater purpose to get fit

Set fitness goals not just for yourself but for your loved ones. Think about how much more it can benefit them when you are fit, in good shape and healthy. Some of the common benefits include being happier, having more energy to spend with your family and the like.


#9 Join a fitness community or group

It is always better to work out with people rather than alone. You get moral support and also feel more motivated to workout. It gives you pride when there is a common objective to work towards together as a group when you have established a sense of belonging to the group or community you joined.


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