And nope. This isn’t a new high tech watch. There’s stiff competition for mobile and wearables constantly pushing companies to innovate. When it comes to big tech companies, all the attention these days are on Apple and Google. And to be fair not many other companies are churning out as many apps or products as these two. And consumers have been let down multiple times with claims of the latest Google or Apple killer.

Remember the Microsoft Band and the Band 2. It never made it mainstream.

And even though it seems Microsoft has dropped out of the wearables market, the tech giant is still flirting with ideas. One of it’s latest patents shows a wearable health device that can be used to help those suffering from Parkinson’s.

Filed in Summer of 2017. The patent was discovered by “Windows Latest” with the patent titled as “WEARABLE DEVICE”, which was only recently made public by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The wearable contains an array of actuators, which would be mounted in a way that would allow them to adjust their positions based on sensor data. The wearable could be worn close to a joint and used to affect involuntary moment. Potentially reducing tremors, involuntary shaking, and assisting stiff or inflexible muscles.

As the wearable does come with sensors. It would probably be used to monitor other fitness activities and health stats.

But, just because there is a patent filing – it doesn’t mean we’ll actually get a real-life product at the end.

The patent also mentions communication protocols, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as a smartphone app. There is also an internal battery that should provide enough juice for up to a day on a full charge.

It is not known if Mircosoft will be commercializing the device as yet. But its potential benefits should make this a project worth bringing to life.


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