We are about a month away from Apple’s yearly showcase of its latest and greatest. Rumors have been flying around the new iPhone, and an updated Apple watch among other devices to come out of Apple.

We don’t usually write about rumors here at barCode, but this is Apple we are talking about.

Here’s what we’ve heard.

With many talking about an Apple Watch that doesn’t need to be anchored to an iPhone, and a new report now claims that the Cupertino company is planning to do just that. We could be pleasantly surprised by Apple’s latest offering. Although this won’t be a first. Samsung and other manufacturers have gone done that route with most having issues with battery life.

DigiTimes and now Bloomberg cites people “familiar with the matter” have shared that the new Apple Watch Series 3, that is supposed to be launched this September will come with an LTE chip. This will allow its users to perform tasks while untethered from the iPhone, tasks like messages, app downloads and even making and receiving calls.

Apple is already in talks with European and US telcos to get this off the ground, with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon already on board. We here in Asia will just have to wait till our Telcos get the call.

Now, we say supposed because the report also states that the launch of the new watch could be pushed back beyond 2017. With battery life being the concern.

Most rumors about the Apple Watch Series 3 have suggested that the upcoming model will only have minor updates. Focused mostly on battery life and other internal improvements. Rumors also suggest this new watch will have a whole new redesign. But the news coming out of Apple’s supply chain say otherwise. So the new watch will most likely look the same, albeit thinner.

Another rumor also states that Apple will launch two different Apple watches. An updated Apple watch Series 2 with the “S” after the 2 and a “Pro” version with LTE.

Apple has been able to keep its latest version of the Apple Watch under wraps this long because of the amount of attention that is being paid to the iPhone 8. And less for the watch.

One of the more prominent rumors is that the company is planning to move some of the watch’s features into a smart band which would allow the watch to have additional features like a camera or increase battery capacity. These stem from patents that have been leaked on the net. But like many of Apple’s patents we’ve seen leaked online. Many don’t make it to the end product

Apple wants its watch to be more of a health monitoring tool than just a smart watch with the biggest app store. Although most of the tech they are looking into probably won’t make it to the Series 3. And it will be awhile before they come out with a health targeted watch. Most smart watches now use similar sensors to show its users a bevy of stats that aren’t very much unique.

Guess we’ll have to wait another month to find out whats, what. We here at barCode hope the LTE rumor is true. So we won’t have to lug our phones around while working out. And we hope that battery life won’t be a concern.

Tell us in the comment section below, what you’d hope to see it the Apple Watch Series and what you think the upcoming Series 3 will have for us.


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