Its been over a month since the Apple Keynote and although the iPhone XS isn’t something to thumb your nose at, there isn’t much of an upgrade for iPhone X users to mull over.

However, the Apple Watch Series 4. Now that’s something we think people looking to get a new device should look into. Comparing the iteration with its predecessors on paper doesn’t do justice to the Apple Watch Series 4. A slightly larger screen and is faster at tasks like loading apps is not all the watch is about.

It’s been called a throwaway device by mechanical watch aficionados. And it may be true that nothing says you’ve arrived like a Rolex, even if the more established brands are jumping on board the digital watch bandwagon. We’ve seen the Apple watch move from fitness tracker to health monitoring device making it vastly more interesting. The original was late to the game with limited battery life and didn’t replace any features of a mobile phone like it was supposed to. Three odd years later. We could see it doing just that. Probably leaving many of its competitors far behind.

Now Fitness watches have excellent battery life, GPS and the like are a norm, and almost all models have HRM. But the quality and materials used are questionable at times, Their displays don’t give you the vibrant colors and deep contrast as the Apple Watch does. The Apple Watch has a ton of bands you can switch too if you so choose. App selection and quality of apps can’t be beaten. There so many features thrown into the device that you’ve pretty spoiled for choice. And if you want you can move up to the premium Hermes models.

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch series 4 still needs work. It needs solar power charging and a screen you can view in direct sunlight. Battery life will always be an issue for some as everyone’s use case would be different. And till Apples feature set for more serious Athletes are put into the device. You’ll still see the likes of Garmin and Suunto eat its lunch.


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