The quick answer? A resounding YES. Your ears have competition; for those who suffer from hearing loss, bone conduction headphones have seen spectacular success. Although bone conduction is not a new discovery, the technology is still in the early stages.

Bone Conduction Technology

While cochlear implants have seen success in recent years, its limited technology relies solely on air-conduction. In addition to this, the patient should possess a functional pathway from the outer year to the inner ear. For patients with damaged pathways, cochlear implants offer no help. However, bone anchored hearing aids do help, by passing sound from a mic to an implant beneath their skin. The vibrations hit the skull and arrive in the patients’s inner ear.

This innovation has already seeped into consumer hearables—since the early 2000’s—and the technology has only gotten better since. The advantage of bone conduction earphones over traditional headphones is that your ears are ‘free’ from distraction from the environment. It is even possible to drive wearing them. There are even pairs that you can use while you swim!

You can already pick up a new pair at most major electronics stores. The new technology is going to sound very different from the conventional headphones, but you’re going to enjoy your music more.

What do you think?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below, if you have a pair of bone conduction headphones. Was it money well-spent, or will you be returning them?


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