Fitness First Australia and Apple have teamed up for the debut of Gymkit. GymKit which allows a rapid two-way flow of workout data between its watch and cardio gym equipment has been launched in Australia. With Fitness First Sydney getting first dibs.

This highly anticipated feature enables the Apple watch to interact with Gym equipment via its NFC function. Which is part of WatchOS 4.1. Apple has been working with major gym equipment manufacturers to implement Gymkit around the world, namely TechnoGym, Life Fitness, Matrix, StairMaster, and Schwinn.

Last week, Apple’s director of Fitness & Health technologies was in Sydney for the launch of the first gym equipped to sync with Gymkit.

Speaking to press, he said:

“We wanted to simplify the cardio machine experience and make it more accurate than ever before. With a quick tap on your favorite cardio equipment, you’ll see for the first time, two-way data exchange in real time that will result in the most accurate measurements possible with less device management,” he said in a media statement.


“Now when Apple Watch customers view metrics during their workout, the metrics on the machine match what they see on their wrist.”

Gymkit allows its user to pair with an aerobic machine with a simple tap. Data like heart rate, distance, speed, and incline will sync to the watch, providing more accurate measurements to the user. After your workout session ends, the data is stored on the watch but deleted from the equipment you’ve used.

If you had forgotten to sync up before you begin an activity, not to worry, the equipment can retrieve and share data from the start of that activity. Gymkit is a great and useful feature to have for both Gyms, and it’s users. Apple has an added feature to sell to potential users and gym’s can upsell the fact that it’s equipment can sync up and give the client’s their information Via an Apple Watch.


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