Research has shown that what we eat and drink can affect the expression of our genes and the genes of the next generation.

Past research on drinking tea has already been linked to many positive health benefits. From reduced risk of heart attacks and reducing high blood pressure to even protection against certain types of cancer.

Now new research suggests that if you are a woman, consuming tea might change the genes in your body, and hopefully for the better.

In a new study published by Human Molecular Genetics has made claims that drinking tea is associated with epigenetic changes in 28 different gene regions known to interact with cancer or estrogen metabolism for women.

In particular, the researchers found that tea consumption appeared to alter the expression of the DNAJC16 and TTC17 genes, which are genes associated with estrogen metabolism and cancer.

Meaning that drinking tea could alter how DNA is expressed and could play a role in disease susceptibility and overall health. Some studies have even shown that tea consumption may play a vital role in suppressing tumor progression, decreasing inflammation in the body and lower estrogen levels in women.

To note: Coffee, on the other hand, was not found to have the same effects, and tea consumption did not have the same effect on male tea drinkers. The research found that consuming coffee did not represent any epigenetic changes in the blood of both men and women. Though the researchers caution that further research is needed to determine whether this effect is positive or negative in the long run. Also, the study found that women drank higher amounts of tea than men. Meaning that the quantity consumed could play a part in the findings.

Here’s a little video to help you understand a little more about what is Epigenetic.


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