The end is finally here for the Pebble watch. With the latest update to extend its life for a little bit longer. Pebble will be removing its dependency from the cloud completely soon. The underdog story reached a tragic end in 2016. While many were rooting for the wearable to take on the big boys. Pebble was under crushing debt, and with no clear path to profitability, the startup sold its software assets to Fitbit.

In early December 2016, Pebble officially announced that the company would be closing its shutters for the last time and would no longer produce or continue support for any of its devices, nor will it honor any of its existing warranties.

With Fitbit buying up Pebble in late 2016, users had some hope that the takeover would breathe new life into the wearable. Sadly this has not materialized. Fitbit only stating it would support the device up till end 2017.

With the latest update allowing users an option to skip the login process if the authentication servers are unreachable. The developers have added the ability to sideload a configuration that allows apps to update from third-party services.

The Pebble Time 2, the Pebble Core GPS and the Pebble Time Round Kickstarter Edition are all not happening. A note on their Kickstarter page states that by March 2017

“Eligible backers will automatically be refunded their pledges for any unfulfilled Pebble rewards (Time 2, Core, Time Round), plus any shipping, taxes, or duties paid.”

Pebble has a lot to celebrate as an underdog Kickstarter project. It was first to the modern smartwatch market in 2013, having sold 2 million watches in three years.

For those who are still using a Pebble, there is no warranty or product support for any of Pebble’s devices anymore and if you run into trouble with your device. You are on your own.


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