Every other week you’ll hear about a new study or read an article on the benefits of running. But sometimes our lives don’t allow us the luxury of time to be able to take a couple of hours out a day to get in these workouts; then there are those who aren’t able to exercise not by choice.

It turns out you may be just in luck. A recent study published in the May 2017 edition of Cell Metabolism has identified a chemical compound that has helped increase the athletic endurance by up to 70% in mice.

Building on earlier research, Salk Institute scientists in La Jolla, California, which identified a gene pathway triggered by running, have discovered how to fully activate that pathway in torpid mice with a chemical compound, by mimicking the beneficial effects of exercise, including increased fat burning and stamina.

That earlier research identified the chemical compound GW1516 (GW) activated Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARD), which mimicked the fat burning and insulin response benefits.

Administering a higher dose of GW and increasing the administration period from four to eight weeks. What they found was that the mice that were on the drug could run 70% longer than those without and that the mice on the drug were more responsive to insulin and resistant to weight gain.

Further research also found that the chemical triggered a gene to switch from burning sugar to burning fat helping preserved brain function and endurance.


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