Fitbit has sold about 60 million wearables to date, but the tech company hasn’t been doing so well lately. It saw its shares slump down nearly 60% for the year. The tech company needs something new to bring in new users and keep the existing customers loyal. And with their new app store, they are hoping to do just that.

It’s upcoming app store has had many rumors and speculation forming around it, from its launch being pushed back to dropping the entire idea. But Fitbit’s CEO (James Park) has said that its app store will be ready in time.

When Fitbit’s new smartwatch launches, the company will also be releasing a software development kit based on technology it acquired from Pebble.

Park also shared that Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch when launched would have a handful of third-party apps from select partners. The company CEO says that the apps will be featured in an “app gallery” within Fitbit’s companion app.

Fitbit’s smartwatch debut is supposed to be feature packed, but one thing it won’t have is cellular connectivity according to the company’s CEO.

Park revealed to the Financial Times that it wouldn’t follow in the likes of some Android Wear watches or the Samsung’s Gear S3 Frontier. Saying it would forego the feature that would make its watch less reliant on being connected to a smartphone. No GSM capability.

Which means you’d have to have a connected phone to download apps and have the watch paired with your mobile device for it to function fully.

But this wouldn’t be such a big deal as most users are used to the need to pair their devices. Even the Apple watch is the same. One thing is for sure; the new Fitbit device will have some sort of music app installed. Going by the rumors, it’s likely Pandora.


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