Fitbit’s problem doesn’t seem to end. The embattled tech company now has another fire to fight.


Fitbit has come out with an official statement claiming they are on top of the issue.



“We are always looking for ways to strengthen the security of our devices, and in the upcoming days will start rolling out updates that improve device security, including ensuring encrypted communications for trackers launched before Surge,” said Fitbit.

“The trust of our customers is paramount, and we carefully design security measures for new products, continuously monitor for new threats, and diligently respond to identified issues.”







A new report out of the University of Edinburgh researchers and scientists from Germany and Italy have shown that personal information can be stolen from Fitbit devices.


The data is stolen on-route to Fitbit’s cloud servers. The researchers managed to access and decipher the data, even though the data was encrypted.

The concern here is that with more and more people turning to wearable tech and more data being stored on these devices, a breach in security can have detrimental effects.

If sensitive information on someone’s health was stolen, it could be used in blackmail. Or information be falsified. The stolen data could also be sold to third parties such as marketing firms or online retailers. We also see more data from such devices featured in police investigations and even trials.


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