Yahoo Finance was able to secure a batch of leaked images on Fitbit’s upcoming full-fledged smartwatch. Given the codename “Project Higgs,” which is supposed to be very different from its last iteration the Fitbit Blaze which was basically a fitness tracker that looked like a watch.

From the leaked images, the new Fitbit looks similar to the Blaze, just a little more refined. With a traditional square face and a metal unibody.

Sources close to Yahoo Finance said the smartwatch would feature a built-in GPS, a HR monitor and have a display with 1000 nits of brightness. It will also be able to make wireless payments and play music from Pandora instead of Spotify. The device will have a 4-day battery life, but the device may not be waterproof.

The device will not be going the Android route and still be using Fitbit’s own software. It is also rumored to come in at RRP USD $300.00


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