Garmin just announced its newest fitness trackers at the recent IFA show in Berlin. We know Garmin doesn’t make the cheapest of devices. With many other companies having watches for half the price. But you are not getting a lemon with anything you buy from Garmin. Also, customer support for its devices is pretty good.

Here’s the rundown.

Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin deserves props for this new bad boy. With its long battery life, swipe controls, and easy on the wallet price point, the device is aimed straight at Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung.

The device features aren’t something you can’t find in other Garmin devices, with built-in GPS and HRM for all day monitoring and activity-based tracking. It has 15 different custom indoor and outdoor sports apps, stress monitoring and VO2 max calculation features, and support for third-party apps.

But it’s packaged in a slim unembellished watch face with a multicolored, touch screen Chroma display, that is visible even in bright sunlight.

With the Garmin Vivoactive 3, you’ll get something called Side Swipe. It is a mechanism for controlling the device with not only the touch screen but its bezel as well.

The watch does have something other Garmin devices don’t come with. Garmin Pay. This is something brand new to Garmin, and like the Apple Watch uses NFC. It will support Visa and MasterCard from major banks and will roll out more in the months to come. It’s the first foray we saw here with contactless payment was with the Garmin Vivosmart HR EZ-Link. Something that didn’t get a lot of attention.

MSRP US$ 300 – 330 depending on the build.


Garmin Vivosport

The new Vivosport looks to be a replacement of the Vivosmart HR. It has all of the basic activity-tracking baked in and has a 7-day battery life. Which means it has workout apps, GPS, HRM, an always-on color display. Can calculate VO2 max, stress levels, and you can take it swimming.

MSRP US$ 200.00


Garmin Vivomove HR

Finally, there is the Vivomove HR, this is Garmin’s attempt at a regular looking analog watch, but it tracks steps, workouts, sleep, and stairs climbed and syncs it all to the Garmin Connect app. It also has an inbuilt HRM. It is a good looking watch. Very inconspicuous. Something you won’t mind wearing to the office.

MSRP US$ 200 – 300 depending on the build.


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