With the now yearly occurrence of the haze stemming from forest fires in Indonesia, we are hoping that Garmin extends this app (Garmin Air) to show other parts of the world. Namely SEA. For now, it only Works in China, Taiwan, Japan and the US.

The air quality in Singapore is relatively good with spikes stemming from smog as with all urban areas to forest fires from Indonesia.Which is a concern especially when we assume that outdoor exercise is good on any day. Our current crop of wearables takes into account all sorts of metrics but not that of the air quality around us at any given time.A recent study, modeled the health benefits of cycling and walking against the adverse effects of air pollution. Looking into air quality through average annual levels of PM2.5s and calculated a tipping point. What it found out was that in areas of high pollution just 30 minutes of Cycling could prove detrimental to your health.

The app shows a live monitoring of 6 key pollutants (PM2.5, PM10, O3, SO2, NO2, and CO.) The display on your watch will change from a smiling face when air quality is good to a mask when you are in a highly polluted area, so you can tell at a glance if you are safe.

As shown in the picture above, you also get basic advice on whether or not it is ideal to go for a run or a bike ride or if you would be better off wearing a mask and staying indoors. The app apparently works indoors as well although we aren’t sure of its accuracy.

The Garmin Air app works across a wide range of Garmin products and is available for free. For more information on the app why not check out the Garmin Connect IQ store.


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