The new Garmin Vivoactive 3 looks like it’s a watch that you’ll be able to use as your daily driver and not just for your sports activities. It looks slicker and much less chunkier than its predecessor but still maintains it’s swiss army knife like features.

We expect the watch to be a jack of all trades but don’t expect this to be an adventure watch like the Fenix series watches. It does, however, take a page out of the Fenix line up where looks are concerned.

There are some improvements in notifications, such as being able to reply from the watch. Includes a GPS, HRM, the ability to track multiple types of activities and can appeal to a larger demographic. The watch also has a touch screen as images we have seen only show it has one button.

Of course having a touch screen would mean that battery life won’t be fantastic. Other than that it looks like Garmin is sitting on a real winner here and competitors better look out.

Garmin is after all marketed as the best fitness wearable you can get your hands on. It’s predecessor retailed around US $250, and we should see this new device come in at around close to the same MSRP. And if it does come in at this price point Fitbit’s new smartwatch will have a something to worry about.

Garmin has yet to release any dates on when the new wearable will be available, but it is a safe bet that the holidays are highly likely.


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