If you are on the lookout for a new wearable, consider Garmin’s updated Garmin Vivosmart HR with EZ-Link feature. Retailing at $ SGD 260.00. It works just the same as a regular top-up card. You add value by topping it up at any of the EZ-link top-up kiosks just like you do your card. Perhaps, the EZ-Link app in future updates will sync with the wearable so you can take even going down to the kiosk away.

Designed and developed by EZ-Link and Watchdata Technologies, the Garmin Vivosmart HR now has an EZ-Link function. It combines both the functionalities of a smart fitness band and an EZ-link card. The EZ-Link feature is fully functional and can not only be used for your daily commute buy allows you to make purchases at retail outlets that accept EZ-link payments. With EZ-link being accepted by more and more merchants, you may soon say goodbye to lugging around your cash and cards altogether, especially during those runs.

Hopefully, in future iterations Garmin can add music storage and GSM technology, so all you need is what’s on your wrist.


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