Approach S60

The aging Garmin Approach S6 has been one of the best golf watches around for awhile, and the newly released S60 looks to build on its success, pitching itself not just as a golf watch but as more of an everyday wearable.

It comes with step, calorie, distance and sleep tracking; You can track runs and cycles, as well as swimming with water resistance to a depth of 50 meters, skiing, snowboarding, XC skiing, and rowing. You can even swap out the bands with the Fenix 5 line bands, it has a 10-hour battery life when out on the green and should last ten days in watch mode. It, however, doesn’t come with a HRM attached.

The new Approach S60 takes on a Fenix 5 like design and adds in plenty of features to track and improve your game. It boasts a large 1.2-inch color screen, which uses the same 240 x 240 panel as the Fenix 5. Making the bigger screen a pleasure to use and for taking advantage of features like the green view and hazard yardages.

It is a touchscreen, so you can touch what you want yardages to be. If you want to lay up, tap where you want to land. If you are trying to avoid a tree up, touch to see how far away it is. This works because Garmin has a database of 40,000 courses which you can download and GPS to pinpoint where you are exactly on the course.

A new feature on the Approach S6 called PlaysLike takes elevation into account and helps you select the correct club. You can even hook it up to Garmin’s TruSwing sensor to get even more data on the wrist. In addition to Garmin’s Connect, there’s a new Garmin Golf app. Where you can compete in weekly leaderboards with your golf buddies. The Approach S60 also offers SwingTempo and TempoTraining, two features for improving your upswing and downswing posture and tempo, giving it another reason to have it on your wrist.

So if you are looking for new tech to help you improve your game a little and don’t need a HRM attached. This could be it.


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