Thinking of getting a new fitness wearable? Need that little push to do better when working out? How about getting smarter on your nutrition intake?

Google is working on a health and well-being coach for Wear OS. Now the tech isn’t new. Some years ago Jabra came out with its Sport Coach. We won’t go into detail about the Jabra Sport Coach here, but fundamentally the app motivates you and keeps track of your workouts, it even charts your runs on maps using GPS.

Now the Google Coach is also meant to keep you motivated and to stay active as well. Using health and fitness data connected to your Google account, it will suggest workout routines or alternatives if you don’t have time to workout that day. If you do get in a workout, the Google Coach will track your activity. Apparently, it’s smart enough to learn from your actions to suggest how hard to push yourself and the activities you should perform.

But that’s not the end of it. The Google Coach has all-around health monitoring. It will keep track of your nutrition and even recommend specific foods. It can give you a weekly meal plan based on the goals you’ve set and also come up with a grocery list. Now, this part relies solely on the user having to input data for it to work correctly. We’ve seen other apps try the same and not fair so well. So unless the user is actively tracking their nutrition intake, we’d like to see how Google aims to tackle motivating a user to actively input data.

Google Coach is also adding maps to its features. Whereby the app can recommend healthy food options based on your location.

For all this to work, you’ll need to get your hands on a Wear OS device. So if you are in the market for a new wearable, you definitely should be looking at the Google Pixel Watch.


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