For countless hours athletes spend punching and kicking bags unaware if they are getting stronger, faster, or more formidable.

Impact Wrap is changing that. Founded by CEO Dan Fradin and CRO Marcus Diggle, Impact Wrap is a portable fitness tracker that captures the power and frequency of your strike on a heavy bag.

Dan Fradin is an MMA fan, who wanted to track his performance, but couldn’t find the product he wanted in the market. So like all great inventions. Started work on his own. The result a portable wrap that fits on any straight sided heavy bag in less than 30 seconds and captures three key metrics.

  1. the number of hits in around
  2. the average force of those hits
  3. hardest hit in any round

Of course, there are similar devices in the market, but attempts at capturing data has its flaws. Either the device embeds sensors in a grid around the bag which increases the price of the product as sensors aren’t cheap. Or embeds sensors within boxing gloves, thereby limiting the data captured to punches leaving out those who strike with kicks, knees, and elbows.

Impact Wrap will cost less than US $200 and measures the aftershocks of a strike, like the ripples made by a pebble hitting water. In this way, the device captures data no matter which part of the bag the body strikes, eliminating the risk of breaking the sensor.

Workout data will be transferred by Bluetooth to a smartphone, then stored in the Cloud. The app will show your average and hardest hits, which can be shared socially.

Impact Wrap is taking Pre-orders now. Check them out here.


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