Jaybird has been making wireless earphones since ’07, and it’s hard to find anyone who dislikes Jaybird’s earphones. It’s like one of those brands immune to negative reviews. But they do make excellent headphones.

Jaybird’s New Tarah Pro Wireless Sport is a mouthful, to say the least. The Tarah is named after the group of Indigenous Tarahumara people of Chihuahua Mexico, famous for their long-distance running.

But you should not mistake this new device for their previous model just called Jaybird Tarah.

The Tarah Pro headphones offer 14 hours of battery life at 50% volume which should be loud enough for most. They also have an IPX7 rating, meaning if you drop it in the toilet, you’re not screwed. But you might want to wash it off before you put it back on though.

They will last 30 minutes in about 1 meter of water, but they’re not made for swimming. Besides Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t work in water, so why bother jumping in the pool with them on. These earphones are also great for those of you who like to run in the rain or just want to take them in the shower. The Tarah Pro’s are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 giving them a better more stable connection to your devices. They do work with both IOS and Android devices, so it doesn’t matter what you’re rocking.

The Tarah Pros do resemble the other Bluetooth earphones in Jaybird’s lineup, with a cord connecting the left and right buds and a cinch to adjust the cord length between the two. For those of you that like the way you could wrap the cord with clips that came with the X3, so they don’t flap around while you exercise. They’ve been phased out with the x4.

But fret not, the Tarah Pro’s cord is covered in fabric, making the braided cord more comfortable to wear around your neck than the plastic cable you find on most wireless earphones. The fabric keeps the cord from sticking to your skin as you sweat. The headset is also incredibly light, coming in at just under 20 grams. Not sure if it will stink after a few runs as they soak up all that sweat.

Now, if you have been a Jaybird user/fan, you’ll know all about the Jaybird’s free App. Where you can create your very own personalized audio profile. Jaybird’s earphones have always delivered fantastic sound, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your music. A new feature exclusive to the Tarah Pros is Personal EQ, which fine-tunes the audio, so it is perfectly tailored to your taste. When you set up the earbuds, the Jaybird app guides you through a hearing test to customize the highs, lows, and mids that you’ll hear in a song. The profile is then saved to the device itself, so even if your Tarah Pros are paired to multiple devices, your Personal EQ setting will be carried over. One thing to note is that the Tarah Pros do not have noise canceling and their fit doesn’t allow in much ambient noise, which could be problematic if you run outdoors.

Of course, you can take calls on the device which comes with an omnidirectional microphone on the controller.

Aside from the fabric cords, the Tarah Pros are similar to Jaybird’s other 2018 models, The Tarah and the X4, with silicone-gel tips and wings in three sizes in the box. The wings have been redesigns so now they are better able to lock in your ears. If you like the foam tips that came with other Jaybird devices. You’re out of luck. The Tarah Pros do not have them in the box.

You can pause, skip, go back to last played music using the inline controller just like many other earphones, but something unique to the Tarah Pro is a new “Snap Lock” feature. Besides just being magnets to hold your earbuds together around your neck after use, it also works as power saver. So say if the device is left on while they are magnetically connected, the device will shut off automatically after 15 minutes saving you from running down your battery.

Jaybird introduced another new feature for the Tarah Pro called Switch Fit, which lets you rotate each bud to be worn over the ear or under the ear. This is a small change, but a useful one. Before, you could wear your Jaybirds under or over the ear, but you had to remove the wing and tip and then put them back on. Now, you can just twist the earbud, which rotates just enough to fit snugly no matter which way you wear it.

The charging port is on the back of the device’s controller, connect magnetically to the charging cable and uses Jaybird’s triple-pin proprietary charger. There’s a quick charge feature that gives you 2 hours of playback time with just five mins of charging. It takes 2 hours to fully charge the device.

MSRP is USD 160.

The Bottom Line

If you aren’t a casual runner, then forking out the money this thing will likely cost here on the island is a damn good investment. You wont have to change the device every day, and if you forget to charge it, it’s probably good for that one more workout. The Tarah Pro delivers, from 14-hour battery life and a secure, customizable fit to a personalized audio profile and a thoughtful corrosion-preventing charger.


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