Ann Osman
C.o.O: Malaysia
Age: 31
HT: 5’3
WT: 125 LBS
Class: Flyweight
Association: Borneo Tribal Squad
Record: 5:3:0

Malaysian Warrior Queen Ann “ATHENA” Osman, is a model, and business owner, who had her first amateur MMA competition in 2012, a year later she was signed by Asia’s biggest MMA promotion company, ONE Fighting Championship. A Year after that, she became the first Muslim woman to compete in a professional MMA bout in a Muslim nation. In that same year, she was named as Time’s new class of NEXT GEN leaders.

Today, the newly married Ann occupies her time between training for her ninth career fight on August 18 and working on her business.

Ann made her name as Malaysia’s MMA queen with wins over Ana Julaton of the United States, Egyptians Aya Saber in 2014, Walaa Abbas in 2015, Egyptian Haiat Farag Youssef in 2016 and recently over Cambodia’s Vy Srey Khouch.

Ann has suffered setbacks. One at the hands of Russian Irina Mazepa on Oct 9, 2015, and the second at the hands of April Osenio of the Philippines in 2016. This August will see her battle at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur at the ‘QUEST FOR GREATNESS’ event.

Ann is a name to watch. She has broken down barriers, pushed away stereotypes and assured the nonbelievers that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a female Muslim pursuing a career in combat sports. Her latest training stint has been with BJJ exponent Carlson Gracie Jr.

Her opponent for August 18 has yet to be named, but you can be sure that whoever it is will have to bring their A-game because Athena won’t be pulling any punches.


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