We are just a week away from one of the biggest fight’s we’ve seen in a long time. And just last week UFC President Dana White released a video of McGregor in a sparring match with former Welterweight Champ Pauline Malignaggi.

The 20-second video has McGregor looking pretty impressive, with McGregor hitting Malignaggi with some good shots and knocking the former Champion to the mat. Although some may argue Maglignaggi has been out of it for awhile now.

Here’s the video and you be the judge.

And you know how it goes. Mayweather’s camp isn’t sitting by idly. Mayweather recently had a conference call with MMA Weekly.

Here’s that call.

“My thought is I think it was really interesting but a lot of illegal rabbit punching behind the head, a lot of stuff was illegal,” Mayweather said. “A lot of grappling, a lot of wrestling, a lot of illegal shots. That’s just my honest opinion.


“… He had [referee] Joe Cortez in his training, which is a great thing. Even though he had Joe Cortez in his training camp, I still seen him being extremely dirty. My job is not to worry about the referee. My job is to go out there and fight and let the referee do his job.”


“I mean last time I checked; some may call it a knockdown, some may not call it a knockdown. At the end of the day, it only counts once you get under the lights. That’s just the gym.


“We are sitting down here judging Paulie [Malignaggi], a guy that’s been retired and been commentating and traveling the world and not going to the gym at all going in there with a guy that’s just working up. An athlete — period — that’s just working up, everyday, every day and obviously, it shouldn’t have even went 12 rounds.”

Tell us in the comment section below on who you think will win the fight. Is McGregor all talk or is he going to bring the pain?


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