The video is of what Nike’s HQ looks like now, which is already impressive.

According to “local real estate and construction sources” Nike’s Oregon headquarters expansion plan will cost a hefty $1 Billion USD and add at least 2000 jobs.

The athletic giant has been tight lipped on its plans for the development and has not commented on the cost. But what is known is that the development will include new parking facilities, state of the art upgrades and more office space, offering a more modern architecture. The estimated size of the project will be 3.2 million square feet in total and add six new buildings.

Nike had to acquire adjacent business parks to accommodate its growth. With the new building is slated for completion by early 2018.

While the price tag may be huge considering the retail environment most brands are facing. Nike’s reported Q4 sales were up 5% from the previous year, bringing its total to $8.7 Billion.


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