Back in 2016, Nokia acquired French Health and Technolgy company, Withings, for about $200 million. Withings was a manufacturer of a number of wearable devices and high tech gadgets. And Nokia wanted IN into a growing segment. Withings made activity watches, smart scales, an air quality detecting camera, sleep system and blood pressure monitor just to name a few.

Now under new management, Nokia announced the availability of the fashionable Withings Steel HR hybrid smartwatch, (we wonder who name’s these things) of course rebranded. Those who pre-order now can expect to receive their device sometime in December. Just in time for the holidays.

Since the acquisition, Nokia has in the past year relaunched several Withings products, like the Nokia Go, Nokia Steel, the Nokia Thermo along with Nokia BPM+ and Nokia Body+ scales.

The smartwatch is available in limited numbers for pre-order and goes for US $180. The device comes in only two colors, white or black, and in either 36mm or 40mm sizes, for straps, you can choose between leather, silicone, or woven straps in several colors. This is a new device, so variety isn’t something you’re going to find right now.

What makes this watch stand out is its design. You would be mistaken to think that this is just an ordinary analog watch by just looking at it. It has a very clean design that doesn’t scream activity tracker.

But under the hood, the Nokia Steel HR let you see your heart rate at a glance. It can track more than 10 activities via automatic and learned recognition. Monitors your sleep, alerts you to calls and text.
The accompanying app is pretty decent and gives you all the data you’d expect from an activity app. It’s water resistant to 5 bar and looks good in the office.

The Nokia today isn’t the Nokia we all use to remember. This Nokia looks like it targeting the health segment more than just the mobile phone segment with a whole range of products.

To us the watch looks SWEET.



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