Oakley has given us another reason to go out and get another piece of gear for our fitness needs. This time it’s built with Intel.

The Oakley Radar Pace is a light weight and comfortable piece of tech that we can use on our runs or rides.

Not only does it have Bluetooth to sync with our mobile devices for music and calls, but it also has a built-in coach. Coaching comes in the form of cues. The software can even create a weekly training plan that’s tailored to you and your athletic abilities.

The Oakley Radar Pace isn’t really smart glasses. As there isn’t a HUD like in the Garmin Varia Vision. The Radar Pace is about information sharing through audio.

This baby comes with an accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and humidity and proximity sensors, along with Bluetooth and ANT+ for pairing with a heart rate strap, foot pod, cycling power meter and speed or cadence sensors. On the flip side, they don’t come with GPS or are standalone capable.

The glasses work like Siri. To wake up the device, you’ll say, “ok, Radar.” A chime will go off letting you know the glasses are listening. Asked it what’s your workout for today and it will respond with the appropriate plan.

The glasses are 56 grams, and IPx5 rated, so you won’t have to worry about getting them a little wet. It should last 4 hours with music on. This tech ain’t cheap, double the price of regular Radars but it’s a worthwhile investment if you need that extra push.


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