If you in the market for a wearable that can track your runs and rides and also help you capture those moments without having to fiddle with the camera. Polar has got you covered with the V800 and the M600.

Announced at CES 2017 early in the year.

Polar paired up with GoPro to add action cam integration in the V800 & M600. These wearables already track a broad range of cycling, running and swimming training activities, it has calorie count, a built-in personal training program, 24/7 activity, and sleep with GPS built in.

But this isn’t just a remote for your GoPro add-on. The pairing will let Polar users both operate their GoPro cameras and overlay their performance, and heart rate data into GoPro captured video.

If you already are an owner of both. You’ll need to update the firmware to the latest version. Once updated, you’ll be able to connect via Bluetooth. You’ll also be able to view the resolution of photos and videos, check their fps settings, and your video field of view information right from the screen.

Here’s the tutorial.



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