In the mid-’80s, long before activity trackers existed, Puma released its first wearable. Adidas beat them to the punch to claim world’s first computerized running shoe with its MIcropacer shoes 2 years earlier. The shoes recorded distance, running pace, and calories burned through a microsensor on the left toe, and it displayed the data on a screen on the shoe’s tongue. It didn’t have any ports to connect the shoes to a computer.

The idea was a novelty then and still is only in its infancy today. Considering that the feet are the most logical place from where running metrics could be monitored, running shoes being a part of IOT has been lagging vs its wrist-worn counterparts.

The original RS-Computer Shoe was fitted with a chip that gave runners the ability to compare their runs with goals they’ve set. The tech was placed in the shoe’s heal making the shoe have a huge protruding bulge. This of course made the shoe odd looking.

To connect the user would use a 16 pin cord on the shoe and connect it to the user’s computer to view the data (time, distance and calories).

Now, Puma is reintroducing it’s RS-Computer Shoes in limited numbers. 86 to be exact. Signifying the year it first originated. Only a few selected stores worldwide have been selected to sell these puppy’s. in the US and Japan, PUMA stores in Harajuku, Tokyo; Carnaby Street, London and Berlin as well as KITH retailers.

The design and appearance will be mostly similar, the new RS-Computer retains the original Lunar Rock – Limestone – Peacoat colorway, with Puma adding modern tech, the shoe will have three-axis accelerometer, memory to store 30 days worth of workouts, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port for charging. There will also be an accompanying Android and iOS smartphone app with an 8-bit graphics interface, and inside the app is an 8-bit game.

Puma has released different models of its RS shoes over the years for fans of the nostalgic design. The RS-0 was released in April, and a collaboration with Ader Error yielded the RS-100, which refreshes the same blocky design with updated colors.


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