With the rise of heart rate monitors embedded into wearable devices nowadays. There is little reason not to know your heart rate at any given time. Their accuracy isn’t 100%, but it’s pretty close to accurate as you can get without using an actual medical device.

But if you are one of those who does not own or cares to own the latest and greatest in wearable tech, getting a reading for your heart rate is relatively easy.

It can be done in 30 seconds with just two fingers and is probably one of the easiest ways to gauge your overall health.

It’s also easy to do. Just place your index and middle finger on your wrist just below the thumb then you count the number of beats for 30 seconds. It’s best to have a watch in front of you, so you know when to begin and end the count. Do this a few times to get an accurate reading. Once you are used to doing this, it will be even easier to get a reading.

Your resting heart rate should fall between 60 – 80 beats a minute if you are reasonably fit. An athlete would have a reading which may be a lot less lower. Anything above 90-100 beats per minute while at rest should be a concern. Your pulse is telling you something is not right.

A 2013 study in the journal “Heart” tracked the cardiovascular health of 3,000 men for 16 years and found that a high resting heart rate was linked with lower physical fitness, hypertension, being overweight, and high levels of circulating fats in the blood.

The researchers also discovered that the higher a person’s resting heart rate, the greater the risk of premature death. The finding concluded that a resting heart rate of between 81 and 90 doubled the chance of death, while a resting heart rate higher than 90 tripled it.

But it needs to be noted that if you aren’t a well-trained athlete or regularly exercising and your resting heart rate is below 60, especially if you have suffered occasional dizziness, you should consult a doctor immediately. There could be a serious condition you are not aware of.


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