You could ditch your favorite running shoes to go for one of Under Armour’s connected running shoes, or get a NIKE and use the NIKE pods with the NIKE+ Running app. Which may not sync with anything else that you use for tracking metrics. Or you could clip on a foot pod from any number of brands. But if you are looking for something with a little more information you might want to take a look at a smart insole and still use your regular running shoes. There are a few out there and this isn’t new tech.

But then there are Smart Insoles that stand apart from the rest:


Stridalyser from ReTiSense that not only tracks distance but cadence, ground contact time, foot strike & stance, body balance and impact stress. These are then analyzed and given to shown to you so you can run better and avoid injury with an app.

The app it comes with was designed to offer helpful advice without being irritating while on the run. It does this by providing alerts only when it deems it necessary, such as when your feet might be undergoing undue stress because of some issue with the way your feet strikes the ground.



Arion from ATO Gear is a super thin smart insole that packs eight sensors to monitor pressure and is connected to a clip-on that contains an accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS unit, taking the place of a running watch when it comes to tracking your runs.

The device is also great for night runs as it lights up. More importantly, the device monitors your run and sends you feedback on how you can improve by providing data on what exactly your foot is doing while running by sending data to your mobile device. The device is aimed at competitive runners but could easily be beneficial for the everyday runner as well. With the data the device gives you, you’ll be able to see how your gait changes over the course of a run. Allowing you to focus on how to run as efficiently as possible when fatigue comes in.



Do you still use a foot pod? Which ones do you use and why do you like them? Let us know in the comments section below.


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