It looks like Samsung is serious about its wearable ambitions, beyond just smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Last year, at CES 2016, Samsung unveiled its medical grade Bio-Processor prototype calling it the S_Patch, making Samsung the first major tech company to join the medical space with a serious medical product for the general public. In 2015 the Bio-Processor was already capable of measuring PPG, ECG, skin temperature, GSR, and body fat. Not much is known of the upgrades the new iteration has but, an FFC listing recently revealed that the tech giant has been continuing work on a wearable health monitoring system.

The listing is for the S-Patch 3 doesn’t share very much detail on specs, only a single image provided appears to confirm that this is modeled on the S-Patch prototype which Samsung reviled at CES 2016.

The device is placed onto the chest to continuously monitor heart rate. But this isn’t just a run of the mill HRM. The device is monitors HR to an ECG standard. Making it extremely accurate.

The device comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Which can be shared to a mobile device and shared with a fitness or medical professional.

The bioprocessor is already in mass production and will probably be added to Samsung lineup of Mobile devices and wearables. The S-patch is more likely aimed at professional athletes and those with medical conditions where continuous monitoring is needed.


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