With our hectic lives, sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in that time for exercise. And even when you can make the time, just thinking about sweating it out make us want to crash on our couch even more. Either or, there might be a chance that you could be out of shape and may have a difficult time performing even the simplest of physical activities.

Here are a few signs that you need to start changing your daily routine because you might not be in the shape you think you are in.

1) You can’t-do push-ups

Push-ups are an excellent indicator of your physical fitness, as you utilize the muscles in your back, shoulders, arms, and core. This isn’t a tough exercise, and anyone below 50 years of age who is considerably fit should be able to knock out at least 10 in a single go.

2) It takes a longer time for your heart rate to slow down

When you exercise your heart rate increases as your heart is pumping needed oxygen throughout your body. If you are considerably fit your heart rate will slow down by about 20 beats a minute till it is back to its normal pace. But if you are unfit, the time it takes to get back down will take longer.

3) You have a high resting heart rate

The fitter you are the slower your heart beats. A well-trained athlete can lower their heart rate by a lot as compared to mere mortals. Take freedivers for instance. For the rest of us, a normal resting heart rate should be from 60 – 80 beats a minute and should never go above 100 beats a minute. The more cardio you do would help lower your resting heart rate.

4) You get out of breath just by climbing the stairs

Everyone takes more effort to go up a flight of stairs than an even flat ground. The steeper the incline, the harder it gets. But if you are catching your breath by just going up a single flight of stairs, then you are really out of shape.

5) You crave food all day.

If you are relatively fit and used to exercising, you will not crave food after a workout. Those who do little physical activity tend to crave sweet foods more so after increased activity.

6) Your balance is off

Can you stand on your tip toes, on just one foot for at least a minute without falling over? Our Central Nervous System determines the muscle contraction and relaxation. Also, the vestibular system which is a small organ in our ear plays a big part on our balance.

The best way to maintain balance is by exercising. Try lunges, standing knee raises and the standing toe tap. Another way to determine if your balance is out of whack is to try the hallway walk. It’s like the sobriety test you get when you’re pulled over by the cops. Turn your head to one side and walk straight down the center of a hallway. See how far off center line you are when you reach the end. If you are relatively centered, then you probably don’t have an issue.

7) You Slouch

Slouching indicates poor health and atrophied muscles. What you need to do is to start stretching. You’ll increase flexibility when you constantly stretch which helps release tension in your muscles. You will also need to strengthen your core muscles. One thing you should do is to try to remain upright. A challenge if you are mostly desk-bound.

Like everything else, always consult your doctor


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