When you think of a probiotic dairy that’s creamy, thick and healthier than ice-cream, you’ll think of yogurt. Yogurt offers good bacteria and nutrients like protein, calcium, potassium, and magnesium to name a few. And if you want a low-fat one with none of the flavorings, half the sugar and half the fat, you will think of Greek yogurt.

But have you heard of Skyr? (pronounced Skeer)

Skyr isn’t yogurt. It’s cheese, but not the typical kind you think of. Its consistency is that of yogurt, and it’s marketed as such. Skyr isn’t something new. It has been around awhile. And it’s currently giving Greek Yogurt a run for its money.

Traditionally made with raw milk, nowadays it’s pasteurized, Skyr originated from Iceland. But this isn’t the same as other dairy products; Skyr is naturally fat-free as it is made from skim milk. Unflavored Skyr packs a lot of protein, approximately 12% protein, 3% carbohydrates, and 0.5% fat per serving.

There are other differences besides having 2-3 times the protein of regular yogurt. Which is almost the same as having chicken. Skyr has a milder flavor, and it’s sweeter so kids can enjoy it and it is thicker and creamier. So much so that you can stick a spoon in the tub and not be afraid it falls over.

It’s fruit flavored version uses real fruit and agave nectar for sweetening. So you don’t have to feel guilty about of having your sweet tooth cravings satisfied.

Besides dunking a spoon in the tub, Skyr is pretty versatile. You can use it in exchange of mayo or frosting for cupcakes, even add it to soup for added creaminess.


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