Don’t be fooled by thinking that being in the water for exercise is easier than out of it. Your body is exerting itself to move that water out of the way. Trying running while having your body submerged.

Swimming not only engages your legs, but also recruits your upper body and core, especially your lats, the muscles of your middle back, triceps, and the backs of your upper arms.

Plus there are no points of impact. And it improves your respiratory muscles.

In addition to that, here’s more good news.

According to a recently released report using Nokia’s health mate app, Those who swim on a regular are healthier than most non-swimmers. With a higher step count, better sleep patterns and a healthier heart.

The study shows that those who swim are generally more active outside the pool as well. Male Swimmers had clocked at least a 17% more step count while females who swam had a 28% higher step count than their not swimming counterparts.

Those who swam also enjoyed longer sleep and could get to sleep quicker. They also had a healthier cardiovascular system and lower blood pressure.


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