Sports Wearable is a growing field. Even FIFA has been looking into establishing a global wearables standard. With the idea to have professional soccer teams using the same data tracking technologies to help doctors, Sports Scientist and coaches access real-time data to better understand what goes on, on and off the field for its players.

Now a partnership between the US Soccer Federation and STATSports (a tech company based in Newry, Northern Ireland) will result in the world’s most extensive professional player data monitoring program, yet. The partnership will see about 6,500 APEX GPS tracking units distributed to the US men’s, women’s, youth, Paralympic, Futsal, Beach National Teams, Development Academy clubs and the National Women’s Soccer League. The systematic approach between U.S. Soccer and STATSports will align data, information, and support within the elite player pathway as U.S. Soccer continues its primary objective to develop world class players, coaches, and referees.

Worn in a vest and positioned between the shoulder blades, the Apex GPS Tracking unit is a performance monitoring tool that is used by some of the best teams across multiple sports around the world. The list of teams already using monitoring devices includes the Premier League, NFL, NBA and La Liga. The device tracks various types of movement and stats from distance, speed, acceleration, deceleration, high-speed running, load and heart rate.

The STATSports APEX GPS device is cutting edge in regards to its size, accuracy and the ability to monitor in real time. The APEX GPS streams data to a host, like a mobile device and logs it for post-session download. The real-time analytic capability to see player position and motion give the ability to coaches to monitor athletes and make real-time decisions to adapt training or player actions during play.

The partnership is also seen as a platform to identify future stars of the game. As a result of this initiative, physical periodization will be optimized, and talent identification will have another avenue of support. It is a step towards giving coaches and players across the U.S. access to the performance technology used by the top professionals and teams around the world.


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