After Coming out on top from his April 8th fight against Jason Sosa, Lomachenko (8-1, 6) next fight could be a rematch with Orlando Salido. The only person to beat him in the ring so far.

The match could be scheduled sometime in Late July or early August with The Windy City (Chicago) being a possible venue. Orlando has said he wants the rematch to shut up the haters, as he is tired of hearing statements coming out on low blows, the referee, and even missing weight.

Lomachenko is known for his quick hands and footwork, some even comparing him to PacMan. Since beating Russell, Lomachenko has dominated everyone in his path: Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo, Gamalier Rodriguez, and Romulo Koasicha were no challenge for him, but that was pretty much to be expected.

Lomachenko has plans to up his class in future but we’ll have to wait and see how high he can comfortably go.


Vasyl Lomachenko has said he wants to fight any of the champions at 130lbs and if that could not be arranged he’d move up to lightweight. He wants to go straight to a champion at 135lbs, raising the intriguing possibility of Lomachenko becoming a three world champion in only 10 professional fights.

If you have the time. We’ve attached the full fight video here.


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