The health and fitness landscape is radically changing before our very eyes. Fitness was once considered as staying fit, losing weight and gaining some muscles, nowadays this is apparently no longer the case.

Old methods of training are being revamped, and technology has taken hold. With such fast pace changes taking place, it’s only reasonable to be interested in what the future of the health and fitness industry has in store for everyone. Will the trends that we have witnessed in 2018 be phased out as temporary fads, or will they become a staple of the fitness industry for years to come?

Answers to these questions are not trivial, an understanding of the magnitude of these new trends could lead to more sustainable revenue for health clubs, more investments for the community and corporate programmes and higher member retention numbers and receipts for fitness clubs. It also gives the health and fitness industry a glimpse into the minds of its consumers, helping companies to pivot or confirm the business strategies they have set for the future.

According to a survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Fitness trackers, smartwatches and other various wearable devices are the number 1 fitness trend going into 2019. This isn’t surprising considering the cross-connection among devices and online capabilities turning up workouts with increased competition and engagement.

The survey also showed the continued rise of High-Intensity Interval Training and the growing interest in workplace health and wellness programs. HIIT has seen positive growth over the years but has also seen its share 0 of distractors.

The 13th annual survey that started in 2007 was designed to confirm or introduce new trends and not fads, included responses from over 2000 health professionals across the globe. These respondents represented all sectors of the industry: commercial, clinical, community, and corporate.

Highlights of the 2019 annual survey of health and fitness trends included:

  • Wearables returned to the top-ranked position it occupied for two consecutive years, up from number the number 3 spot last year. This may be a result of manufacturers improving their devices to monitor metrics better.
  • Group training remained at the number 2 spot. This is defined as classes of more than 5 participants.
  • The survey also showed a growing emphasis on employing certified fitness trainers.
  • Making its first appearance on the list and coming in at number 15 was worksite health promotion and workplace well-being.
  • Trends dropping out of the top 20 since the previous survey were circuit weight training, sport-specific training, and core training.
  • Strength training (the #5 trend in 2018) was dropped from this year’s survey because it was determined to be too generic.


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