This guy isn’t the typical millionaire.

Born August 5th, 1967 in Bologna, Italy. Gianluca Vacchi was brought up by a family engaged in business. His father started the Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A. (IMA), which is a multinational company worth more than $2.0 billion today. He, himself was the founder of ToyWatch, an Italian luxury watchmaking company which he sold off in 2007. The man was crowned 2016’s most stylish men in Business by the ‘Be Global Fashion Network.’ He can stand up on a Harley and rides horses “Putin Style.”


In between the Silver Fox was involved with the Parmalat Company collapse and shut down where he was sentenced to 3 1/2 years imprisonment for being involved in the bankruptcy. But that setback didn’t put him out for long. In 2011 Vacchi shot back into the limelight with his collaboration with Lapo Elkann.

Since then he’s been known as the Instagram Star taking the world by storm with his style, look, dance moves and a killer physique. Today his net worth is estimated to around $450.0 million with an approximate annual income around $20.0 million and monthly income of $1.6 million. Earing his money through business ventures, as well as his 2016 book, Enjoy. The man has about 10 million followers on Instagram and is often seen hanging out with Hollywood’s A-listers. On top of his automobiles, yachts, and planes uploads onto Instagram, he inspires people to work out daily.

In 2016, Gianluca was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis, a flesh-eating infection that kills soft tissues within the body and was admitted to hospital. He did not reveal the cause of his illness, but said

“When you risk your life, everything has more value, the grass is greener, and the sky is clearer.”

After making a full recovery, the first thing he did after leaving hospital was to post another pic on Instagram. This dude is ALPHA as F#*%!



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