Sean Waltman, better know as his in-ring persona X-Pac was let off the hook recently.

The former WWE wrestling star scored a legal victory when the judge in his DUI case cut him some slack and ruled he won’t have to worry about dropping the soap for violating his probation in a 2004 arrest.

Mr. Waltman didn’t complete all of the terms of his 2004 plea deal, which was to either go to rehab or do community service, so a warrant was put out for his arrest.

The case went under the radar for years only resurfacing recently. And Mr. Waltman was facing a 90-day jail term when the case was brought back up in front of a judge.

Mr. Waltman appeared in L.A. County Superior Court and admitted the judge the truth. He was a mess back then, and his life was out of control. He told the judge he’s a changed man now.

The judge decided to give Sean a chance by extending his probation period by two years and ordering him to attend a three-month alcohol program. Should he mess up this time, he’ll be put behind bars.

We’re rooting for X-Pac, and we hope he gets straight fast.


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